Pancord браслет
Screening bracelet


Long and high-quality life is a reality if you can maintain the electromagnetic field of your own body. An imperceptible bracelet, which you will stop noticing after some time, guarantees 24/7 support of the body.

The illustration of the electromagnetic field

Proper nutrition and proper sport are the basis of a healthy body - this formula is known to practically everyone from a young age. However, even the people most obsessed with their health notice that they get tired more and more, and at times they can’t fall asleep even when very exhausted. And the meaning of the term ‘burnout’, which appeared not that long ago, unfortunately, doesn’t raise any questions.

While disintegrating, the field "allows" organs and systems to become easy prey for diseases

Electromagnetic radiation is an invisible cause of our poor health. Any living organism on Earth, including the human body, has an electromagnetic field. It is this field that makes every “detail” in the body work as a single mechanism, - from systems and organs to the cellular level.

However, our household assistants, with whom we contact daily, produce their own EMR. Let’s look around: a vacuum cleaner, a washing machine, a refrigerator, an electric kettle or an electric stove - they all produce industrial radiation and are directly near us. Every day we are in contact with appliances: from an electric shaver to an air conditioner, and even if we abstain from using the microwave, you can’t do without electrical outlets.

The EMR level while you sleep

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High-quality and long life without the need to change your daily habits is a reality. We present an innovative solution – a bracelet that will change the tone of your life from negative to positive.

Bracelet Paracord


Screening innovative bracelet – the first step to better well-being

Why PANCORD is the best choice, bracelet benefits:

  • Improving the quality of life without the need to change your lifestyle.

  • Preventive support - reliable disease prevention, not treatment

  • The ability to support our body, which is our home if we want to live in it longer

  • Ability to track the health status of your parents and children: readings of their health come to your gadget

  • Connection of additional functions: "quitting smoking", "preparing for a marathon", etc.

How does the PANCORD system bracelet work, step-by-step instructions:

World-class athletes – the winners and participants of the Olympic Games are already with us. Listen to their audio reviews and join us!

Alyona Predko on the photo
Alyona Predko
Businesswoman, 47 y.o., Kyiv
Оlena Pidhrushna on the photo
Оlena Pidhrushna
Biathlete, Olympic and World champion, 32 y.o., Kyiv
Bracelet Paracord

Technical specs

220 х 25 mm
25,4 g.
hypoallergic silicone
nickel plated brass

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