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PANCORD system

How to neutralize the negative impact of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) on the human body?

Fatigue from the very morning, a long recovery after a common cold, extra weight "not giving up" despite all the efforts made... The list of this set of unpleasant moments with health and well-being, which are familiar to almost everyone, can be continued: nervousness and apathy for no clear reason, headaches, prostration.

This is how the electromagnetic field outflow of a person is manifested on the physical level. Thanks to the PANCORD system, developed in Canada, it is possible to support your body's defenses, strengthen the biological field and immunity. This system will help to protect the body from the negative effects of radiation of the household appliances and the environment, without changing the owner’s usual way of life.

What does the PANCORD system entail?

Without PANCORD bracelet
Negative impact of EMR on human body
Under protection of PANCORD system
Protection from negative impact of EMR

It consists of technologies embedded in a bracelet that looks like a stylish wrist accessory

Thanks to this system, you are able to not only preserve and protect your psycho-emotional health but also improve the quality of sleep and general well-being. How does it work? Not all information in the world is read and analyzed by mankind. Still, we can read the data that will help prevent the discomfort of your body! So, after installing a special application, you need to put on a bracelet: the gadget will read your health indicators twice a day (in the morning and in the evening). Be prepared, because in the morning you will receive data on the weak spots in the body that require attention and a gentle treatment. Specific points of localization of stress and discomfort will be displayed in your gadget (smartphone or computer) using the animated avatar of the application.

In the meantime, a pulse correction program is being created on a special server, and already at night the correct EMR is transmitted through a bracelet. This is how protection from all negatively acting fields, which come from the household appliances surrounding you, occurs. What only remains, is to choose the correct frequencies that will support the body and its healthy functioning. Impulse correction (like all other healthy processes) occurs continuously throughout the day and is not an invasive EMR correction method.

Thanks to the PANCORD technology that is built into the screening bracelet, the body indicators are easily read and the frequencies of the human biofield that need support are corrected. This is the way to protect against negative radiation around us – to send a properly charged counter-impulse!

The data on the electromagnetic induction of the bracelet owner comes to the server via the chip integrated into the bracelet. Afterwards, there is an analysis and change of data received at night.

You will notice the improvement of well-being and health readings after a few days

The bracelet will also help you take care of your child or parents: from their gadget you can get screening results and health readings of people close to you on your device.

The mobile app interface The mobile app interface

Soon, interesting and useful novelties are waiting for you: the "Premium" package will be included in the general list of the packages, the functions of which will allow you to work out specifically assigned tasks with the help of the proper corrective EMR. This way, you will be able to quit smoking and break free of other bad habits, prepare for sports competitions, get rid of excess weight, etc. Want to learn more about the PANCORD system and the conditions for purchasing a bracelet - click here!

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