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How does the PANCORD bracelet work?

The PANCORD bracelet looks like a stylish accessory with a microchip embedded inside. This sensor is made using the Canadian technology PANCORD, hence the name of the bracelet. Thanks to the microchip, the EMR of the body is read for the owner without noticing. Then, the received data is sent for processing to a specific server, after which a reverse corrective impulse goes through the same sensor. In addition to the lightness and attractive appearance, the bracelet is also waterproof.

By what principle PANCORD system bracelet operates?

The interaction between the sensor that is built-in inside the bracelet and a specific program on the server occurs via an application that you install in your gadget (smartphone, laptop, etc.). Then, after the sensor reads your data, it will send them to a special server. With the help of the program, the obtained health readings are processed and displayed through the application. For example, data on “weak points” – that is, the localization of points of discomfort, will be received in the morning. The rest of the time, and also while you are sleeping, a counter-corrective impulse will flow through the bracelet. Data is read 2 times a day, you can set a convenient time specifically for you in the app on your own.

Is the use of electromagnetic impulses harmful to humans?

The PANCORD system uses minimal electromagnetic action, therefore it is safe for the human body.

Are there any contraindications for using a PANCORD bracelet?

As with any method of therapy, there are several contraindications for the use of electromagnetic impulses. The bracelet is not recommended for people with cancer, purulent infections, viral diseases. Contraindications also include skin diseases during their exacerbations, coronary heart disease, body temperature above 37 degrees, renal failure, and metal dental implants (crowns). Bracelet wearing is not recommended to women during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Do I need to remove the bracelet or is it important to wear it all the time?

It is recommended to wear the PANCORD bracelet on the wrist regularly. Due to the water resistance, you can shower, or swim with it in a body of water. It is especially not recommended to remove the bracelet in case of sleep disorders, deterioration of general well-being and increased physical activity.

Does the use of the PANCORD system interfere with traditional therapy?

No, if you use traditional medicine, the PANCORD system will not affect the results of treatment.

What should I do if I don’t have constant access to the Internet? Will the bracelet work?

During times when your gadget has no connection to the Internet, health readings are not sent to the server. But as soon as your smartphone or computer is connected to the Internet, new readings will be collected. You need not worry – until the server receives and analyses new data, the impulse correction will not occur either.