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Bracelet of the PANCORD system: instruction manual

After you have purchased a bracelet, you need to install a special application PANCORD on your gadget. You can download the application here by clicking on the link

Загрузите в App Store Доступно в Google Play

The next step is to register on the PANCORD website (also by clicking on the link) and create an account that will save all your data. The time of reading for the parameters of your EMR is set on the bracelet by default: it is 6 AM and 10 PM. You can change this time to a more convenient one by yourself using the application.

Every morning, your body's EMR readings are recorded automatically, then this information is sent to the server and processed

Based on the obtained readings, a program of individual corrective impulse forms for you, and then bracelet reads it. You can view the main indicators of your health through a mobile app or a computer (on the desktop version). The program that displays EMR readings is reflected in the information panel (dashboard) in the form of a diagram, where each parameter is indicated by dots.

If the chart points are located in the purple zone, it means that there is an “overload” on this indicator: that is, there is excessive tension in the organ or system. Correcting impulse works specifically with such readings of excessive tension. Impulse correction occurs mainly in the evening, but if the system detects a “failure” in any problem zone (which is shown by the location of points in the violet zone, as indicated above), then the program immediately generates a correction impulse. If the chart point is located in the blue zone, it means that your EMR performance is within normal. Near each of the diagrams, symbols are denoting one or another system of health readings. The following is the meaning of symbols:

  • AL — allergic reaction
  • Dt — detoxification
  • Ca — cardiac problems
  • De — skin
  • En — hormonal system
  • Eg — energy of the body
  • Fl — microflora state
  • Ga — digestive organs
  • Im — immune system
  • Mo — mental state
  • Ne — neurology
  • Or — musculoskeletal system
  • Sp — respiratory organs
  • St — dental indicators
  • Ur — urology
  • Vi — ophthalmology (vision)
  • Sx — male or female sexual health
Dashboard 1 Dashboard 2

To ensure that the readings are as accurate as possible, it is important to wear the bracelet all the time

Во время считывания показателей (утром и вечером) желательно не находиться рядом с другими людьми или животными и не прикасаться к ним. Это необходимо для считывания именно ваших показателей ЭМИ.

Спать также следует в браслете, поскольку корректирующий импульс, разработанный на основе ваших показателей, подается ночью, во время сна. Постоянное нахождение браслета на вашей руке не вызывает неприятных ощущений, поскольку он выполнен из специального, приятного на ощупь и мягкого материала и предусмотрен для ежедневного использования. Для оплаты Абонплаты вы можете отправить деньги на карту (5169-3305-1217-8259 Медков Денис) После Оплаты скиньте квитанцию или скриншот оплаты на номер +380985582255

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