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What is EMR

What is EMR:
how to protect yourself from the negative effects of electric fields?

The universe in which we live is permeated through with waves - electromagnetic radiation, as well as fields of varying intensity. All objects and living beings, including humans, are always under the influence of EMR (electromagnetic radiation). Electric and magnetic field variables are created by each other, so they cannot exist separately from each other.

Why should an ordinary person who does not possess deep knowledge in physics know such subtleties? It is because EMR affects our health and well-being on a daily basis, and not always in a positive manner. Our body, whether we wish it or not, is subject to natural radiation (coming from the sun, plants, bodies of animals and people) and not natural one (coming from household appliances and gadgets, without which we can’t imagine our life). And if the first radiation is not always pathogenic (that is, harmful) for a person, then the second one - almost always negatively affects our organism, except for cases when EMR is used directly in medicine.

Household EMR and human's own electromagnetic field: what is the connection?

Our body consists of the smallest living particles - cells, in which many chemical reactions take place, which are necessary for the production of electric current. Due to the current, human cells and the nervous system “communicate” with each other. If you remember well the physics classes from high school, then the principle of interaction of charged particles in a magnetic field (Lorentz force) is clear to you. If not, don’t be in a haste to search for a textbook or to google, it’s enough to know that if at certain frequencies a more powerful EMR acts of a person, then a person’s own e-field is deteriorating.

There are more than enough culprits in the destruction of our field around, because a modern person simply cannot do without them: a refrigerator and a microwave, a washing machine, a computer and other gadgets, a hairdryer, an electric shaver, a vacuum cleaner - how many more necessary everyday things do you remember? And to abandon your favourite smartphone – it is equivalent to death. So, we prefer to close our eyes to a number of alarms that the body sends us, and continue to contribute (albeit not on purpose) to the destruction of our own e-field.

The effect of EMR
on the human body:
how to avoid negative consequences

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What does a person feel at outflow of his or her own e-field? Foremost of all, the immune defense weakens, and the body becomes unarmed before various pathogenic factors. It would seem that you are not particularly overworked, but by the evening (and sometimes by midday) you feel extremely tired, your internal battery is totally discharged. And in some cases even full-fledged (as it seems to you) night's sleep does not aid to feel full of vigour and strength in the morning. Long-term recovery after a cold can also be associated with EMR, because the more disturbed your e-field is, the longer it takes for an infectious process in the body to go away.

Headache, nervousness, excess weight, which does not go away even with constant rational nutrition and physical activity, unpleasant sensations in the joints and muscles... Familiar? All these troubles can be caused by EMR. Each of us wants to be healthy, live a long and high quality, while not infringing on their household amenities and not giving up their favourite gadgets. Is it possible to protect your immune system and maintain a protective biological field, without changing the usual way of life? It is important and necessary to support your body while you have not lost it yet. Especially given that Canadian inventors have already taken care of this. Thanks to the newly-developed PANCORD system, we can stay healthy, live a familiar life, at the same time protecting ourselves not only from negative EMR of household appliances around us, but also from the general aggressive influence of the environment!

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